You don't have to train at the Shaolin Temple to cultivate a strong

mind, body, and spirit. Join Indian Trail’s most traditional and

authentic school for martial arts, tai chi, and meditation and

discover how you can enjoy fitness, happiness, and peace of mind!

A Message from Robert and Carrie Beaver, Director and Head


Sifu Carrie and Robert Beaver,

We as instructors have the ability to help you reduce your stress, create a positive spirit, cultivate a healthy and fit regiment, and even learn self-defense skills? Why wouldn’t you come to learn what the Tiger and Crane
has to offer?

What happens when you train at The Tiger and Crane?

  • Complete stress management
  • Effective weight loss and fitness
  • Self-defense and combat skills
  • Creating positive and healthy thought patterns and habits
  • Relief from chronic ailments
  • Finding and cultivating mental clarity and focus
  • Increased flexibility and coordination
  • Growth in energy and vitality
  • Finding a more positive spirit and outlook
  • Interaction with, friendly, positive and highly motivated people

I know you will find these benefits at The Tiger and Crane because our teachers have helped hundreds of people already have.  If you want to learn more call us at 704-628-6195 or click here to register for your free introductory tour,
orientation, and first lesson!

The Tiger and Crane



Adult's Program

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