The Tiger and Crane


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Student and Parent Reviews 

"Mr. Robert truly cares about his students and can connect amazingly with kids of all ages and all abilities. Our daughter loves that Mr. Robert's classes are fun, engaging, and challenging." Rita K.

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"My instructor Robert at Tiger and Crane has been a great inspiration to me. I have been studying under him for 2 months. I have major health problems. With his help I am learning techniques on control breathing and don't require my oxygen during exercise now. I have lost 22 lbs. That was one of my goals. Robert has helped me with thinking positive thoughts; negative words are excluded from our vocabulary.  I have great admiration for his art and teaching abilities. Robert has given me the confidence and ability in myself to reach higher goal that I ever imagined I could reach. I want just to say thank you Robert for all your patience and understanding." -Kathy P.